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  • Abdul Rehman

    Abdul Rehman

  • Diogo Shiraishi

    Diogo Shiraishi

  • Arun Rajendran

    Arun Rajendran

    Lead Machine Learning Engineer focused on NLP. I hope to write articles on Machine learning, travel, personal finance and investment.

  • Krastanov Jivko

    Krastanov Jivko

  • Fabian Ritter

    Fabian Ritter

    Acoustic Engineer. Enthusiast in Speech processing and Computer Vision.

  • Waseem Bashir

    Waseem Bashir

    Research Scholar in Computer Science

  • Paritosh Gupta

    Paritosh Gupta

    Data Scientist | Numbers Geek | Traveler

  • Mark pol

    Mark pol

    I am an artist:painter. I paint and draw. Its a kind of figurative surrealism.

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